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DIY Hair Dryer

DIY Hair Dryer

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Achieve Effortless, Natural Curls with the DIY Hair Dryer!

Professional Results, Anywhere:

  • Whether you're at the salon or at home, get salon-quality curls effortlessly.
  • Easy-to-use design ensures professional results every time.

🔥 Heat-Resistant Material:

  • Made from durable heat-resistant plastic, ensuring it won't deform or crack even at high temperatures.
  • Safely create your desired look without worrying about damage to the diffuser.

🌀 Adjustable Wind Direction:

  • Change wind directions for natural, show-stopping curls.
  • Achieve the perfect curl pattern with ease.

🎯 Universal Fitment:

  • Compatible with any standard hair dryer/blow-dryer unit on the market.
  • Fits effortlessly onto your existing hair dryer for seamless styling.

🌈 Vibrant Color Options:

  • Choose from Blue, Pink, or Purple to match your style and personality.

📐 Product Specifications:

  • Function: Hair Dryer Roller Curls Diffuser
  • Material: Heat-resistant plastic
  • Item Height: Approx. 22 cm / 8.66 inch
  • Wind Tunnel Length: Approx. 12.5cm / 4.92 inch
  • Small Vent Diameter: Approx. 6.5 cm / 2.60 inch
  • Big Vent Diameter: Approx. 7.2 cm / 2.83 inch
  • Air Inlet Diameter: Approx. 6.7 cm / 2.64 inch

Upgrade your hair styling routine with the DIY Hair Dryer and create long-lasting, healthy curls effortlessly!

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