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Abdominal Massage Belt

Abdominal Massage Belt

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Experience relief from menstrual discomfort like never before with our revolutionary Abdominal Massage Belt. Harnessing the power of NTC intelligent temperature control and three massage modes, this innovative device offers unparalleled comfort and convenience, allowing you to embrace life to the fullest while managing pain. Here's why it's a game-changer:

NTC Intelligent Temperature Control:

  • Utilizes thermal heat to relieve cramps and tension
  • Provides constant warmth directly to the abdominal area for enhanced blood circulation

💆 Three Massage Modes:

  • Offers targeted relief with vibrating massage settings
  • Choose from light compression to deep pulsing for personalized comfort

🔋 Rechargeable & User-Friendly:

  • Quick and easy USB cable charging
  • Intuitive LCD screen display for effortless selection of massage settings and temperature

👌 Convenient Design:

  • Adjustable belt for a customizable fit
  • Stylish and comfortable velvet fabric material

📐 Specifications:

  • Size: 1858525mm/7.283.340.98in
  • Warm gear: 50/55/60
  • Color options: White or Pink
  • Charging voltage: 5V
  • Material: Thickened ABS+ velvet fabric

Say goodbye to missed events and discomfort – embrace whole-body relief with our Abdominal Massage Belt. Whether you're dealing with menstrual pain or everyday stress, this must-have accessory ensures you're always at your best. Don't settle for anything less – choose superior quality, effortless setup, and stylish design with our innovative device today!

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